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Since introducing the Perfect Sleeper® mattress to the world in 1931, Serta has been the name behind many “firsts” in the industry and gained a reputation for being a pioneer in comfort.


This isn’t ordinary memory foam. TEMPUR® materials provide unparalleled pressure relief and motion cancellation — to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Avocado is a Certified B Corporation®, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They're legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.


The creators of layla wanted to make the perfect mattress that addressed all of the common problems that sleepers face. When it comes to the best memory foam mattress, it's all about the Cooling, and support. Layla is a cooling mattress that’s a plush and supportive at the same time.

Local Mattress Stores

Find a local or online mattress store in Hanahan and the surrounding area! Name brands like Searta, Tempurpedic, Avacado, and more for a great night sleep in South Carolina!

1) Charleston Home Furnishings

1.75 Miles Away (843) 860-5928 6543 Rivers Ave North Charleston, SC 29406

2) Overstock Furniture & Mattress

1.97 Miles Away (843) 432-8024 7250 Rivers Ave North Charleston, SC 29406

3) America's Mattress - North Charleston

1.98 Miles Away (843) 764-1669 7250 Rivers Ave North Charleston, SC 29406

4) Mattress Deals

2.09 Miles Away (843) 737-4161 5900 Rivers Ave Unit H North Charleston, SC 29406

5) Atlantic Bedding and Furniture

2.14 Miles Away (843) 530-1369 7400 Rivers Ave Ste W North Charleston, SC 29406

6) Sleep Number

2.18 Miles Away (843) 628-5692 7381 Rivers Ave Ste 102 North Charleston, SC 29406

7) Rooms To Go

2.23 Miles Away (843) 553-5166 7600 Rivers Ave Ste A North Charleston, SC 29406

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress In Hanahan

Sleep Position

The position in which you sleep can play a role in your choice of mattress:

  • Stomach Sleepers: Support levels are critical, and you want to be as flat to the surface as possible.
  • Side Sleepers: Avoiding pressure points for side sleepers is trickey - prefer medium to high firmness.
  • Back Sleepers: Support levels are key here, and firmness doesn't matter quite so much (go with your preference).

How Does Your Weight and Height Affect Mattress Choice?

Weight and body shape are a major thing you should consider in your choice. Your experience with a mattress may be completely different than someone who weighs significantly more or less than you. In general, heavier sleepers will need more support from a mattress to be comfortable, than a lighter sleeper.

What Are The Different Types of Mattresses?

The most common mattress types include:

  • Pillow Top: best for people who love a soft, cushy bed.
  • Latex: best for cooling and a bouncy feel.
  • Coil: best for a traditional feel.
  • Memory Foam: best for support and body contouring.
  • Adjustable: best for people with specific (e.g. medical) needs.