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Local stores near Prineville aren't the only way to shop! You can also find name brands from online retailers and get them shipped right to your door!


At Saatva, they’re committed to delivering the most comfortable, durable, and affordable luxury mattress without the drama or expense associated with mattress retailers.


At Casper, they've spent years studying the magic and science of sleep. The more they learn, the more they’re sure... Great sleep changes everything. It makes us friendlier, faster, smarter... even warmer-and-fuzzier. If we all got great sleep, the world would be brighter.

Brooklyn Bedding

At Brooklyn Bedding they believe every child should rest easy. Brooklyn Bedding works directly with qualified organizations in local communities that help improve the quality of life for children, providing new bedding and sleep accessories to young family members in need.


Since introducing the Perfect Sleeper® mattress to the world in 1931, Serta has been the name behind many “firsts” in the industry and gained a reputation for being a pioneer in comfort.

Local Mattress Stores

Find a local or online mattress store in Prineville and the surrounding area! Name brands like Saatva, Casper, Brooklyn Bedding, and more for a great night sleep in Oregon!

1) Central Oregon Sleep Shop

15.54 Miles Away (541) 788-2363 738 NW 6th St Redmond, OR 97756

2) Mattress Firm Redmond

15.88 Miles Away (541) 516-4000 1400 SW Canal Blvd Ste 106 Redmond, OR 97756

3) Wilson's of Redmond

16.14 Miles Away (541) 548-2066 2071 S Hwy 97 Redmond, OR 97756

4) BedMart Mattress Superstores

16.25 Miles Away (541) 316-2055 2498 S Hwy 97 Ste A Redmond, OR 97756

5) Wilson's Mattress Gallery

25.40 Miles Away (541) 330-5084 63485 N Highway 97 Bend, OR 97701

6) BedMart Mattress Superstores

25.50 Miles Away (541) 460-5075 20504 Robal Ln Ste 130 Bend, OR 97701

7) Mattress Firm Bend

25.64 Miles Away (541) 318-8364 63455 N Hwy 97 Bend, OR 97701

8) Ashley HomeStore

25.76 Miles Away (541) 639-3182 63455 N Hwy 97 Ste 10 Bend, OR 97703

9) Organic Sleep Products

26.33 Miles Away (541) 598-3955 63040 N Highway 97 Ste 2 Bend, OR 97703

10) The Mattress Factory

26.33 Miles Away (541) 382-9091 63040 N Highway 97 Ste 1 Bend, OR 97703

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress In Prineville

How Old Is Your Mattress?

A good quality mattress will last many years, but unlike a diamond - they aren't forever. A general rule of thumb is that you should consider replacing your mattress after 8 years or so. If you find yourself waking up with joint pain, have trouble sleeping through the night, or just aren't feeling rested after a night's sleep, you should definitely think about a replacement.

How Does Your Weight and Height Affect Mattress Choice?

Weight and body shape are a major thing you should consider in your choice. Your experience with a mattress may be completely different than someone who weighs significantly more or less than you. In general, heavier sleepers will need more support from a mattress to be comfortable, than a lighter sleeper.

Do You Prefer A Specific Mattress Firmness?

The firmness of a mattress refers to how soft it feels, and is a somewhat subjective measurement. Don't confuse this with the support it provides, as that's more a measure of how well it holds your back in position. Firm mattresses may provide great or horrible support, and the same is true for softer options. Find a blend that works for you!