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At Casper, they've spent years studying the magic and science of sleep. The more they learn, the more they’re sure... Great sleep changes everything. It makes us friendlier, faster, smarter... even warmer-and-fuzzier. If we all got great sleep, the world would be brighter.


At Sealy, they go above and beyond industry standards to ensure your mattress will last for years to come. All of their mattresses are proudly built in the USA, and are rigorously tested for quality, comfort, and support.


At Saatva, they’re committed to delivering the most comfortable, durable, and affordable luxury mattress without the drama or expense associated with mattress retailers.


The creators of layla wanted to make the perfect mattress that addressed all of the common problems that sleepers face. When it comes to the best memory foam mattress, it's all about the Cooling, and support. Layla is a cooling mattress that’s a plush and supportive at the same time.

Local Mattress Stores

Find a local or online mattress store in Lebanon and the surrounding area! Name brands like Casper, Sealy, Saatva, and more for a great night sleep in Oregon!

1) Rife's Home Furniture

9.90 Miles Away (541) 248-3916 1884 Fescue St SE Albany, OR 97322

2) Sears Hometown Store

10.95 Miles Away (541) 981-2503 2059 14th Ave Ste A103 Albany, OR 97322

3) Mattress Mania

11.22 Miles Away (541) 497-2126 1530 SE 9th Ave Albany, OR 97322

4) At Home Furniture and Mattress Superstore

11.50 Miles Away (541) 967-8259 930 Hill St SE Albany, OR 97322

5) The Sleep Center

11.90 Miles Away (541) 967-8080 245 Pacific Blvd SW Albany, OR 97321

6) Sawmill Unfinished Furniture & Mattress

12.13 Miles Away (541) 928-6338 224 SE Lyon St Albany, OR 97321

7) Boda Furniture

12.17 Miles Away (541) 926-4300 104 1st Ave E Albany, OR 97321

8) The Foam Man

17.55 Miles Away (541) 754-9378 2511 NW 9th St Corvallis, OR 97330

9) Mattress Firm Corvallis

17.72 Miles Away (541) 753-0406 1580 NW 9th St Ste 102 Corvallis, OR 97330

10) The Sleep Center

17.84 Miles Away (541) 753-2417 908 NW 9th St Corvallis, OR 97330

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress In Lebanon

How Old Is Your Mattress?

A good quality mattress will last many years, but unlike a diamond - they aren't forever. A general rule of thumb is that you should consider replacing your mattress after 8 years or so. If you find yourself waking up with joint pain, have trouble sleeping through the night, or just aren't feeling rested after a night's sleep, you should definitely think about a replacement.

How Does Your Weight and Height Affect Mattress Choice?

Weight and body shape are a major thing you should consider in your choice. Your experience with a mattress may be completely different than someone who weighs significantly more or less than you. In general, heavier sleepers will need more support from a mattress to be comfortable, than a lighter sleeper.

Sleep Position

The position in which you sleep can play a role in your choice of mattress:

  • Stomach Sleepers: Support levels are critical, and you want to be as flat to the surface as possible.
  • Side Sleepers: Avoiding pressure points for side sleepers is trickey - prefer medium to high firmness.
  • Back Sleepers: Support levels are key here, and firmness doesn't matter quite so much (go with your preference).